Friday, 26 September 2014

Cruising in Cornwall

Well I have just returned from a lovely few days in Cornwall. Saw some friends, caught up on me time, planned a few exciting needed!

Got to visit some lovely little towns and stumbled upon this gorgeous shop called Poshtotti in Kingsbridge. 

Having met the owner and browsing I was hit by beautiful bright colours and gorgeous prints.

'An eclectic mix of colourful beachwear, that's easy to wear in natural fabrics and is ideal for spending the day on the beach and in the evening dining and dancing.
As women in today’s world we always seem to be so busy, either working, caring, cooking, shopping, cleaning, when we stop to think, where does our confidence really come from? At Poshtotti we came up with the theory if a woman feels good in what she is wearing, she can wear her confidence with pride. We also believe that with the mixture of fabulous colours, beautiful natural fabrics that drape and flow over our bodies in a flattering way, we will hope that you will see yourself as others see you, vibrant, happy confident and loved.
It all starts from within and if a woman can FEEL that she is looking good, then it comes across from her every pore and empowers her to give out her confidence and kindness to others. So have a look in our store and see what we have that might just help you.'

Like our motto at London Frock Exchange, I just fell in love with the ethos and collections! Check out these amazing silk scarves and the many ways you can wear them! Love! And these funky necklaces.....

I also had the amazing pleasure of attending a very old friend's wedding in Noss Mayo. Set in a pretty little town with winding narrow roads and sweet cottages crammed next to each other over looking the estuary, it was stunning. We rented a very smart house on the hill with all the mod cons one could ask for; even had blue funky spot lights on the skirting boards! The wedding itself was picture perfect with a marquee on top of a hill overlooking the sea. The bride looked incredible and her dress was divine!

Well, last wedding of the year and I'm getting my wardrobe sorted for the Autumn. The weather is still warm during the day though so keeping some summery tops in the drawers!

Quote for the week -'If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.'

What with having more determination than ever at the moment with 'In The Corner', Ella Moda collection and us, keep on pushing for what you want. I have such a busy working week it can sometimes get on top of me and then nothing gets done! The best way I find is to write a list, one that is do-able mind you, and go through each one, slowly. If you don't set the targets, one can get overwhelmed and lost.

Have a great weekend ladies and I'll be back soon.

Warmest Swishes,
B xxx

P.S Watch this space for our new video blog introduction! It's short and sweet but lots more to come! Exciting!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fashion Week And A Fabulous Wedding!

Well I know Summer is over but this weather, gorgeous! Having to really layer it up with the warm days and chilly nights!

Had an epic week away working last week, so much driving.... My assistant and I were stuck on the M25 in solid stand still traffic for four hours! Got the tunes on so wasn't that bad in the end. New obsession - 'Go' by Grimes. A little dub step funk!

Back at the Frock Shack now wishing I could have made it to London Fashion Week but hey, work work!

Got the utter pleasure of seeing two very wonderful friends get married last weekend. Hollie looked utterly stunning in a lace vintage gown, with subtle country flowers and huge balloons scattered everywhere. The weather was perfect and the sun shone brightly and warm as she walked down the aisle looking so happy and absolutely beautiful; what a love filled and fun day with family and friends. Boy did we dance!? Thank you,  Mr. and Mrs. Newton-Wilkes. Love you.

I chose to wear flat ballet pumps and large trousers with a beautiful vest that flowed above the tucked-in-ness! Kept warm by flowing bubbly and my trusted tweed riding jacket; it was a perfect weekend for all I think. Just got to also tell you about the groom's amazing pies! Yup, totally yum with a large range of delicious combinations!

Got our first video for You Tube ready this week too. Gosh was that nerve racking?! Let's hope they get better, but just a new thing we want to try out. Will be great to get your feedback and see us giving all the new trendy styling tips and our up coming events live! In person! Don't judge, it's been a while since being in front of the camera! Coming soon!

Have another wedding with very dear friends this weekend in Cornwall so I shall bring you all the gossip on what everyone wore and how it went! Styled my sister yesterday in this lovely yellow floral dress. The mustard vintage jacket is right on trend for Autumn. It can be yours! Beautiful! Somi Sun Silk Frock now?! With Fashion Week in full swing, here are a few sneak secrets of what to expect on the high street this Fall......

Gowns draped in embellished sequins and mermaid tails with satin sailor-esque tailoring. Lots of 1960s and 70s florals- think masses of pumping bright oranges, yellows and pinks. Jasper Conran brought the catwalk some low key, less formal t-shirt dresses with paint stroke prints and lighter fabrics.

Topshop showed a daring 'Strictly Come Dancing' vibe with over-zealous detail and add-ons galore.

Henry Holland brought back the chic flares with lots of flower power......rummage through our Ma's loft methinks?!

Marcazza flaunted flowers again with feathers on their A/W collection and of course, our amazing Vivienne Westwood did Scotland proud and brought out tartan, tartan, check, check, tartan with badges following her political views.

Right, back to getting your winter frocks ready! Happy Swishing ladies, stay beautiful and happy!

Quote for the week- 'Perhaps wisdom is simply a matter of waiting, and healing a question of time. And anything good you've ever been given is yours forever.' Rachel N. Remen

Warmest Swishes,
B xxxx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Revamp Explained!

Right, so we all have that 'leaving Summer, hello chilly nights ahead Autumn' feeling, so what can we do to perk us up? Well, with the changing seasons and weather, we'll firstly need to get our wardrobes freshened up; free from the maxi dresses and bikinis, back to the warming scarves, trusted leather boots and cashmere sweaters. It seems like such a task but it really is so therapeutic and once you've tackled it in my easy to follow steps, you'll feel refreshed and like you've just had a day on Oxford Street buying lots of new clothes...without spending any money!

Where to begin?

1. Make a cup of tea!

2. Pop on a funky playlist.

3. Turn the phone off.....

4. Pop on some slouchy sweat pants and an old jumper to be comfy. Hair back, we are good to go.

5. Clear a space on the bed so that you can lay your clothes out and see what you have.

6. I like to do drawer by drawer, then do the rail but choose whatever you feel like tackling first.

7. Put all selected clothes on the bed/ floor and pick one item at a time and if you wear it often, love it, you'll know instantly. Three second rule. If you can't decide within those three seconds it most definitely means you don't need it. (Now remember, we aren't throwing things away or swapping them out at this stage, we are merely choosing our Autumn/ Winter wardrobe). Ask yourself if it will suit your daily needs - work, play, gym etc. Say yes to long sleeved cami tops, cashmere, anything wool, jeans, long trousers, shirts, cardigans, knee high boots, Uggs, heeled leather and suede boots etc. It's going to get colder so pick items that keep you warm yet stylish. The rest is easy.

8. Any Summer outfits, just select and fold neatly and flat pack to protect and keep fresh and clean. Pop into the loft or under the bed in containers...boom. You're ready for the new season and your Summer wardrobe is ready for the next. Once you have done this, it makes it so much quicker and simpler when you swap next time round. And if you go on a holiday somewhere warm in our colder months, you'll have the perfect template in place to find what you need to pack without messing up your current 'live' wardrobe!

9. I find it best and most practical to put under tops and t-shirts in one drawer, next drawer is sweaters, bigger bulky tops in the next drawer, then any other trousers that don't need hanging up (I have an obscene amount of tracksuit bottoms so they have a drawer all to themselves!) into the bottom drawer. Keep knickers in one drawer, socks separately then hang your bras up or cup them into each other to keep shape. I like to pop fresh lavender wrapped up into my drawers to keep everything smelling fresh and clean and the moths away! Rose petals are also a nice alternative but remember to change frequently to avoid a stale smell. I change mine around every 4 weeks.

10. Any dresses, coats, shirts or smart trousers hang up neatly on wooden or felt hangers and colour coordinate on the rail or in the wardrobe. You can do this just by shade or if you prefer arrange all trousers, all shirts, all skirts, all coats so they are all together. It just depends on how fussy you want to be, but choose a system that works best for you. You should be able to look at your clothes with excitement and then have a fun, easy, stress free time picking what to wear. If it's all in a nice order you can work with, know where things are, you'll have a better, more enjoyable and let's face it, quicker time dressing for work and play!

11. Lay out boots, shoes and heels in an orderly fashion paired together. Shoes I wear all the time I usually have at the side of the front door on a rack. However if it's shoes you maybe only wear once a month, for example your 'take me home' Jimmy Choos, pop into a shoe box to protect and neatly store away. Pop some fresh mint leaves or another herby smell you like into a cotton pouch and place into the box or bag you've stored the shoes away in. This will keep them smelling lovely and fresh for the next event you wear them!

12. And you are done! See that wasn't so painful was it? Finish tea, relax!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back with Attack!

Hello lovely ladies! How was your Summer holiday? Well it's back to reality now and we all have to knuckle down and get back to work. I have been so busy recently and have so much to tell you! Look what we did..........

My sister and I have opened a new shop in a wonderful vintage market in Wimborne- check it out on facebook. We are selling Harriet's amazing drawings and gift cards, Made By Harry, website coming soon, and beautiful linen ladieswear by Ella Moda. So great for slouching around in whilst still keeping that elegant and fashionable look. Effortlessly cool! I love mixing the different fashion jobs I do. Not only do I get to meet more people and style more but it also keeps me on my toes with new and up and coming trends. Best of both worlds- selling, styling AND swishing!



I was away for a few weeks with Ella Moda showing at trade shows in London, the Pure show then onto Birmingham for Moda. I met this amazing girl who I have become good friends with called Fenella. She designs her own Italian made ladieswwear which is just gorgeous. Take a peak

Just a few gowns then......

Had the utter pleasure of having these lovely beauties with me! Stunners right?! Did a few posey selfies too as it was a great chance to dress up everyday and get the lippy on! Ha! Oh rah! 

Few of my favourites this month....

Loving the tune ZHY Faded right now All the travelling I am doing at the moment it's such a good driving and 'singing at the top of your lungs' song! Boom!

Can't live without my Rhodes To Heaven 'Orange Skin Food Light' and 'Rose Refining Skin Polish.' After all the sun I need to keep exfoliated and moisturised and this beautiful range never disappoints. And it's my anti- ageing cream too! Bliss!

What to expect on the high street this season? Well it's back to black and white! Yep, the mononchrome set has returned. You''ll be seeing lots of tailored trousers, pleated full A-line skirts, slip on heeled brogues and over sized jackets and leather handbags. Oh so boring me thinks!!! I like to sass Autumn up by matching the changing colours of the trees! Nothing like a wintery green, vibrant orange and mustard yellow to get you kicking up those leaves in the park!

Crazy trend....the retro revival hair cut is back! Just as our parents did when we were little. You've got it- bowl, over head, cut round! The 1970's style is back with vengence- Purdey oh darrrrling! I'm just glad my hair is finally growing! I loved it short but now it's at that annoying stage where it doesn't really look good down unless it's properly styled and blow dried to oblivion or bunged up in a knot! Oh! Looks like hair extensions might be coming out soon!

Well until next time Swishers! And if there's any questions you might have or if you need any help with your wardrobe queries, just ping me a message! 

Newsletter coming soon with helpful tips on clearing out your Summer wardrobe for a fresh Auntumn/ Winter one.


P.S Check out a very good friend of mine's fabulous socks! James from Doris And Dude set up this awesome company making bamboo fabric socks with funky bright colours and designs for complete comfort. ' Trendy toes stay fresh, fun and hygenic with the protection of bamboos natural wicking properties.' Have a look!

Thursday, 24 July 2014


So the diary is booking up fast, weddings, weddings, weddings! Loving dressing up and especially it being such lovely weather!

So I visited the annual Art In Action Show last week thinking it wouldn't really be my thing but oh yes, the sun was shining, beautiful grounds and a tent full of gorgeous textiles so of course I was pleasantly surprised.

Decked with lots of marquees in Oxford each one offering work from paintings to water colours to prints and sketches; there was lots to see and do. You could join in on life drawing classes or watch how to craft your own chair. Perfect for the kids and people wanting to do something different. I spoke to two lovely ladies, one who hand makes wedding dresses and other lovely frocks and another who designs her own beautiful jewllery line. Check out their websites for more. and

Here's just a few snaps I took so you can see how esqisite their pieces are.

I also had the pleasure of going to my beautiful cousin's wedding on Saturday. With a 1950's theme she looked stunning in a strapless gown with full fluffed skirt. Here's a pic of me and my lovely sister before the bubbly was served....not very 1950's but love this could be yours! A silk feel marble effect print frock with floaty skirt effect, short at the front, fanning out longer at the back. I teamed my Charles David silver and grey heels with minimal Nora Norway wrist band and black diamante studs. Black smokey grey eyes and soft lips. Love! My sister teamed a Great Plains frou frou flower silk skirt with a sequin embellished cream vest and gold peep toe stilletoes. Are we really sisters? So different!

I'd also like to wish my darling Natalie and Ben a very happy wedding anniversary. Can't believe it has been three years! Such a wonderful day!

So I'll leave you with a song I am obsessed with right now- Graveyard Whistling by Nothing But Thieves- have a listen. It's magical and oh so true...

Also really loving this one too. A bit more up bit for the summer! Faded by Zhu. Enjoy the muuuuuuzic!

Until next time Swishers,
B xxx

Monday, 14 July 2014

When I went to Brentwood!

Hello lovely ladies! Are we all getting bikini ready and packing for our holidays? The weather has been so lovely recently, all my little frou-frou dresses and skirts are coming out! I have lots of weddings to go to soon and I've got the most beautiful pink outfit. One down, now what to wear to the others?!

Very 1950s, I have chosen a floaty pleated soft pink silk skirt, worn at the waist, dropping in a floral wave just at the ankle. I am teaming it with a barely there cream cowel back drop vest and for the evening and church service I have this cute three-quarter length sleeve baby pink cotton jumper. It has this gorgeous sweet lace effect embellishment at the sides. With a simple flower tucked in a down bun and my trusted Kurt Geiger diamante bowed t-bar heels, it's very plain but effortlessly understated. You know I usually go for brights and patterns, but not this time. I am toning it down from my usual daring B!

Sweater and skirt by Dorothy Perkins! 

Below was an outfit I saw in Monsoon of all places! Now this is way more what you'd usually see me in! Just loving the two-piece sets with such awesome patterns and shiny fabrics! Paired with some patent white stilettoes or funky wedges and bright orange lippy, you'll be the best dressed at the beach party!

Had an interesting visit to Brentwood last week. Yep, T.O.W.I.E central! I thought it was going to be a little grander and more glitzy but it wasn't at all. Think lots of heels and mainly polyester! I did however pop by some beautiful boutiques, that although didn't sell many of our sort of fabulous dresses, the clientelle were lovely and they loved London Frock Exchange! Perfect for all the cast as they go out all the time and when you get photographed, you can't possibly be snapped in the same dress twice! We totally 'frocked' Essex!

I also spent a delightful day on the water yesterday on a friend's 30ft boat. We sailed calmly from Lymmington to Newport, had a swim (well it was too chilly for me! I just sunbathed and sipped on a chilled beer!) and munched on sandwiches whilst laughing lots and catching up. The weather was perfect, as was the company!

So what will you be taking on your holidays this year? Now we know one essential is a trusted silk kaftan! Perfect for lounging around the pool, walking along the beach or just slipped on to walk to the local shop! We have two 'just in' and another on its way so quick quick, nab it before it goes!

Blue Embroidered Silk Kaftan
All made of silk and the embroidery is so beautiful. Soft on your tanned skin and at £35 - well, what a steal! Just send in a dress you don't want any more; what about fishing out one from your Winter wardrobe? Then you're ready to swap! Hurry hurry! 

Until next time darling Swishers!
B xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Vibrant Reds to Turn Heads

Hello ladies. I hope you have been taking advantage of this lovely weather! Although whilst out and about at the History Festival (oh yes, get me being all cultural!) this Saturday I got soaked! Total down pour! At least I had my trusted authentic parka on! Donning the 'just see through' black over sized vest with neon pink mesh bra with my luxe sports wear trousers was a simple but effective festival look for a wet field! Talking of wet fields, did any of you go to Glastonbury? What I would have done to see Dolly live! Utter legend!

So what can we expect to be seeing on the high street in the next few sunny months? Not to everyone's taste but bright oranges and reds are in full swing this Summer. Perfect if you have a lovely olive tan or are as pale as the moon! Just don't do this.....


(Much better! Two different people!)

Yup, wanted to go a bit lighter on the hair front for the holidays but my golly did it go wrong! You must give me credit for even posting this as it looked awful! I quickly had it fixed don't worry, back to a soft brown now! This is how to not do orange!

Ok so bring out the oranges and reds!These pics are a great way to see different shades on different colourings and shapes. Which one is your favourite?

( Pics from Marie Claire) 

Pair these vibrant colours with superbly cut separates for a real on trend look. T-shirts or silk embroidered jackets with sporty tracky bums or ripped at the front jeans will see you looking hot on the street. Add your trusted short shorts and heels or wedges for a must see night out! It's all about treating bright eccentric shades as if they were a pastey neutral beige. If the top designers can do it, why can't you? As you've heard me say before, be bold, be beautiful, bounce out of the house with electric energy and confidence. If people look at you, 99.9% of the time they're thnking, 'God, she's obviously a confident woman! Wish I could wear that!' and NOT a negative. If we appear confident in what we wear, we look better, hold ourselves better, higher. Don't take this as being arrogant. There is a huge difference. Remember the only people who think you are arrogant because of your confidence and the way you express yoursleves with your clothes are the ones that are either jeallous they can't do the same or in awe of you.

'You weren't born to hide away in th shadows, to be a wallflower, to blend in, to go unnoticed. You weren't born to march to someone else's beat. And you defintiely weren't born to make up the numbers.'

I am simply loving the revival of the kimono right now. Perfect for over a bikini and shorts or team with a jumpsuit or jeans for a down time look. Just like a 1920's pyjama 'chaise longue' sort of look; cigarette 'A la Vogue' in one hand and a glass of Moet in the other, this delectable look is both sweet and sexy. Great for the beachy holiday evenings or tarting up for a night out. 

What else is looking hot to trott? Why not invest in some fun and funky ripped jeans? You can go as ripped and devilish as you want here, show as much of the leg as you dare! To save the pennies, as this look might not last until the end of the Summer, get the scissors out on an old pair- even some over sized ones your boyf' or bro' has stashed at the back of his closet? 

(Jeans by Mango) 

And it's all about the clash of the patterns, checks, stripes, whatever you fancy really. Pair tropical prints- so now, with flowers, stripes with tartan, check on check, all in different textures and colours. It seems a bit mix-miss-match but you'll be the talk of the town if you brave this utlra cool and chic look this Summer! 

And for the office- its all about Alexa right now- tailored pants, striped collared shirts (colar up like my Ma ever since I can rememnber!) and fine crafted blazers. For this look keep the colours classic yet sohisicated- whites, creams, navy or black. Pop on some deep red lippy for after work hour Pimms! 

Don't foget to live the tangerine and firey sunset reds for the next couple of months! Bold, brilliant and beautifully breath taking! Here are just a few gorgeous frocks form our collection!

Visit to swap now! 

Until next time Swishers,