Thursday, 30 January 2014

Let's get inspired!

Will your 2014 be everything you hope for? Will it be better? Different than last year? Yes! Every day is different ladies! Good days, bad days - our lives are constantly changing, so just enjoy the unknowing and surprising ride!

However, this pressure we put on ourselves for another new year...'I'll go to the gym, I'll wear those expensive shoes I have only worn once, I'll call my Granny more!'...Whatever it is you want to change, what's stopping you?

A great friend of mine, Anna Reynolds, an inspiring woman and wonderful soul, passed on a perfect paradox I thought was so appropriate for the beginning of a new year.

'Stop making it about you if you want to create the life you say you want. Shift your state of mind and ask yourself, how can I be valuable to others?'

One of my favourite things is the ocean. Wherever I am in the world, if I can get close to the sea, the waves, the sand between my toes, I seem to let the wind blow any cobwebs or worries away. It reminds me of just how little I am, a speck in the world; not in a bad way, not insignificant but that the niggles or worries I do have, well it puts them into perspective. I can challenge that worry and solve or resolve it - usually it isn't anything to worry about anyway! We can't change what's done, we can only create the now, and not predict or assume the future. Let it go. See the love in everything. Send in some pics and share with us! Don't you just love what happened when I was having breakfast the other morning! 

 'Seeing the love in everything!'
'Hearts Everywhere!' Look for the Love!'
How do we keep to the things we say we want to achieve, or our resolutions this year? Simple. Take advantage of your good intentions and moments of clarity. Take the actions that would commit us to making good decisions in the future. It's a bit like knowing full well how you feel in the morning when you have that 'one more drink', or knowing that when you have dark chocolate you get a headache.

Picture that feeling and memorise it. Visualise the way it makes you breathe, move, frown. See yourself in the mirror and remember that 'sigh' and the fact the whole day is just a little bit annoying and slow. It's only because you are cross with yourself for losing that strength within. If you search for that feeling, the disappointed feeling, it will do wonders for the choices you make this year. I know I harp on about it but boiling the kettle and having a tea does always help! That or hot water and some lemon if you're not a tea person!

Above all, give yourself a break! Nothing is set in stone. If you've said, 'I'm not going to spend money on things I don't need, if you do it once and allow yourself that treat, you're more likely not to do it anyway but if you do, you've allowed yourself that guilt free card and instead of wallowing in it, you just carry on as normal. You can't change what you've done, you can just forgive yourself, remember the feeling and go on with life knowing you are growing and changing without the hassle we usually give ourselves!

Warmest Inspirational Swishes,
London Frock Exchange

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's our Birthdays!!!

This time last year, my darling Sarah gave me a wonderful gift for my 30th Birthday. A gloriously posh cream tea at the beautiful Cliveden House in Berkshire.

What with a very very hectic year, whenever we booked it, we had to cancel and re-arrange! Mostly my fault I must admit! But finally, and I think at the best time, we trotted off last weekend, all dolled up in our frocks for a deliciously scrummy tea with cakes, soldier sandwiches and piping hot tea.

Sitting on the comfiest of grand sofas by a roaring fire, we nattered and gossipped away, reflecting on our wonderful London Frock Exchange year and our beautiful and strong friendship. Take that time and call a friend today you haven't seen in a while. It is the best fuel for your heart, soul and mind!

It's my Birthday tomorrow and my dearest friends and I all dressed up and went out to one of my favourite spots in Bournemouth! Watch this space for our fun, cocktail fueled night and the fabulous frocks we wore! Dance floor Aruba, I thank you! Here's to the wonderful Adele and Pete who won the dance off! 

Last week was our one and only, Sarah's Birthday! This is dedicated to her. Happy Birthday to us my darling. Love you.

'Words could never tell you

How important you'll always be,

Just little things that you do

That are especially meant for me.

You always seem to remember
All the things to do,
That makes friends last forever,
And share a bond so true.
I'm so glad God gave to me
Someone just like you.
He knew that you would be
One of the chosen few!'

Your B,
Always and forever xxx

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, New Wardrobe...New You!

Happy New Year dearest Swishers! Well I think last year, wow it feels weird saying that, has been the best year of my far! (Touch wood!) So much has changed me and happened, where do I begin?

I won't harp on about myself too much...we all know the blogs that are having a love affair with themselves don't we?! But I did want to share with you how amazing 2013 has been for me, Sarah and of course London Frock Exchange.

After moving back from Los Angeles, having quite a rough time of it, the start of the year was very blurry. What shall I do? Where shall I move my fashion career? Help! All that, 'golly-I-am-turning-30-soon-and-my-life-has-been-flipped-and-I'm-a-bit-lost,' sort of tizz wozz.

Then...then...London Frock Exchange! I remember meeting my dear Sarah for a lovely lunch and chin wag, my best friend and sister really, at a pub just off the M3. She mentioned re-launching the fabulous dress swap service and immediately sparks flew and I was excited about my life again.

Oh, oh how hard we worked! It was the most fantastic journey of my life. Because Sarah has of them being my beautiful god-daughter, I would travel up every week for a night or two and we would work 'til the wee hours, sipping on endless cups of minty tea and eating choccies. The giggling, the sweat and tears not to mention the emotional ride. Looking back it has given me so much strength and happiness. I am truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful company and cannot wait to show you all the fabulous treats, changes and add-ons that we will be launching this year and beyond.

I will, as always, take you on my journey of how we are doing it all and what with Sarah's third baby coming any minute, so excited, I cannot wait to tell you all about that too!

I gained a family, a wonderful man and a fantastic business last year and 2014...well, it can only get better - touch wood. Stay positive and, although it's January, and everyone is harping on about how 'We should really take a good hard look at ourselves'...So annoying(!)...Just remember that you are beautiful and as long as we work hard and be kind, listen and love, the rest falls into place. There are rocks that get thrown at us, I'm not saying everything is rosy all the time, not at all, that's for princesses and fairies, but they are only thrown at us to guide us and push us in a different direction, because we are actually probably going in the wrong one! Crikey that was deep, forgive me!

Right, after all that reflection, how about I give you a fun new task for January? We probably still have all our stocking pressies and gifts shoved in a Christmas bag that Auntie Sue put all the pressies in, tucked in a corner in the living room right? And our shoes are a bit all over the place as we couldn't decide which ones to wear to the New Year's party? Clothes still needing washing from before the office do...just haven't gotten round to I right? 

So take a weekend to sort this... and soon! It seems too much but it really won't take that long. Turn the radio up, make some tea and empty the washing, file your shoes and hang up those clothes like they were last year (re-read my wardrobe guide ladies!). Be calm, take it slow. It will make you feel like you have really started this year with a clean, fresh approach. A bang! 

Do things that you've never done this year. Plan a wild trip or call someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Wear something you are scared of! It will bring out a new shiny and confident you! There'll also be some frocks you don't want, naturally, so send them in and we'll get you some beautiful new frocks for the Spring and Summer!


I'll be back soon lovely ladies!
Warmest 2014 Swishes,

B xx
For Daddy, Sarah and My Charlie. Thank you for bringing my joy back. I love you x