Friday, 26 September 2014

Cruising in Cornwall

Well I have just returned from a lovely few days in Cornwall. Saw some friends, caught up on me time, planned a few exciting needed!

Got to visit some lovely little towns and stumbled upon this gorgeous shop called Poshtotti in Kingsbridge. 

Having met the owner and browsing I was hit by beautiful bright colours and gorgeous prints.

'An eclectic mix of colourful beachwear, that's easy to wear in natural fabrics and is ideal for spending the day on the beach and in the evening dining and dancing.
As women in today’s world we always seem to be so busy, either working, caring, cooking, shopping, cleaning, when we stop to think, where does our confidence really come from? At Poshtotti we came up with the theory if a woman feels good in what she is wearing, she can wear her confidence with pride. We also believe that with the mixture of fabulous colours, beautiful natural fabrics that drape and flow over our bodies in a flattering way, we will hope that you will see yourself as others see you, vibrant, happy confident and loved.
It all starts from within and if a woman can FEEL that she is looking good, then it comes across from her every pore and empowers her to give out her confidence and kindness to others. So have a look in our store and see what we have that might just help you.'

Like our motto at London Frock Exchange, I just fell in love with the ethos and collections! Check out these amazing silk scarves and the many ways you can wear them! Love! And these funky necklaces.....

I also had the amazing pleasure of attending a very old friend's wedding in Noss Mayo. Set in a pretty little town with winding narrow roads and sweet cottages crammed next to each other over looking the estuary, it was stunning. We rented a very smart house on the hill with all the mod cons one could ask for; even had blue funky spot lights on the skirting boards! The wedding itself was picture perfect with a marquee on top of a hill overlooking the sea. The bride looked incredible and her dress was divine!

Well, last wedding of the year and I'm getting my wardrobe sorted for the Autumn. The weather is still warm during the day though so keeping some summery tops in the drawers!

Quote for the week -'If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.'

What with having more determination than ever at the moment with 'In The Corner', Ella Moda collection and us, keep on pushing for what you want. I have such a busy working week it can sometimes get on top of me and then nothing gets done! The best way I find is to write a list, one that is do-able mind you, and go through each one, slowly. If you don't set the targets, one can get overwhelmed and lost.

Have a great weekend ladies and I'll be back soon.

Warmest Swishes,
B xxx

P.S Watch this space for our new video blog introduction! It's short and sweet but lots more to come! Exciting!

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