Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back with Attack!

Hello lovely ladies! How was your Summer holiday? Well it's back to reality now and we all have to knuckle down and get back to work. I have been so busy recently and have so much to tell you! Look what we did..........

My sister and I have opened a new shop in a wonderful vintage market in Wimborne- check it out on facebook. We are selling Harriet's amazing drawings and gift cards, Made By Harry, website coming soon, and beautiful linen ladieswear by Ella Moda. So great for slouching around in whilst still keeping that elegant and fashionable look. Effortlessly cool! I love mixing the different fashion jobs I do. Not only do I get to meet more people and style more but it also keeps me on my toes with new and up and coming trends. Best of both worlds- selling, styling AND swishing!



I was away for a few weeks with Ella Moda showing at trade shows in London, the Pure show then onto Birmingham for Moda. I met this amazing girl who I have become good friends with called Fenella. She designs her own Italian made ladieswwear which is just gorgeous. Take a peak

Just a few gowns then......

Had the utter pleasure of having these lovely beauties with me! Stunners right?! Did a few posey selfies too as it was a great chance to dress up everyday and get the lippy on! Ha! Oh rah! 

Few of my favourites this month....

Loving the tune ZHY Faded right now All the travelling I am doing at the moment it's such a good driving and 'singing at the top of your lungs' song! Boom!

Can't live without my Rhodes To Heaven 'Orange Skin Food Light' and 'Rose Refining Skin Polish.' After all the sun I need to keep exfoliated and moisturised and this beautiful range never disappoints. And it's my anti- ageing cream too! Bliss!

What to expect on the high street this season? Well it's back to black and white! Yep, the mononchrome set has returned. You''ll be seeing lots of tailored trousers, pleated full A-line skirts, slip on heeled brogues and over sized jackets and leather handbags. Oh so boring me thinks!!! I like to sass Autumn up by matching the changing colours of the trees! Nothing like a wintery green, vibrant orange and mustard yellow to get you kicking up those leaves in the park!

Crazy trend....the retro revival hair cut is back! Just as our parents did when we were little. You've got it- bowl, over head, cut round! The 1970's style is back with vengence- Purdey oh darrrrling! I'm just glad my hair is finally growing! I loved it short but now it's at that annoying stage where it doesn't really look good down unless it's properly styled and blow dried to oblivion or bunged up in a knot! Oh! Looks like hair extensions might be coming out soon!

Well until next time Swishers! And if there's any questions you might have or if you need any help with your wardrobe queries, just ping me a message! 

Newsletter coming soon with helpful tips on clearing out your Summer wardrobe for a fresh Auntumn/ Winter one.


P.S Check out a very good friend of mine's fabulous socks! James from Doris And Dude set up this awesome company making bamboo fabric socks with funky bright colours and designs for complete comfort. ' Trendy toes stay fresh, fun and hygenic with the protection of bamboos natural wicking properties.' Have a look!

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