Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Revamp Explained!

Right, so we all have that 'leaving Summer, hello chilly nights ahead Autumn' feeling, so what can we do to perk us up? Well, with the changing seasons and weather, we'll firstly need to get our wardrobes freshened up; free from the maxi dresses and bikinis, back to the warming scarves, trusted leather boots and cashmere sweaters. It seems like such a task but it really is so therapeutic and once you've tackled it in my easy to follow steps, you'll feel refreshed and like you've just had a day on Oxford Street buying lots of new clothes...without spending any money!

Where to begin?

1. Make a cup of tea!

2. Pop on a funky playlist.

3. Turn the phone off.....

4. Pop on some slouchy sweat pants and an old jumper to be comfy. Hair back, we are good to go.

5. Clear a space on the bed so that you can lay your clothes out and see what you have.

6. I like to do drawer by drawer, then do the rail but choose whatever you feel like tackling first.

7. Put all selected clothes on the bed/ floor and pick one item at a time and if you wear it often, love it, you'll know instantly. Three second rule. If you can't decide within those three seconds it most definitely means you don't need it. (Now remember, we aren't throwing things away or swapping them out at this stage, we are merely choosing our Autumn/ Winter wardrobe). Ask yourself if it will suit your daily needs - work, play, gym etc. Say yes to long sleeved cami tops, cashmere, anything wool, jeans, long trousers, shirts, cardigans, knee high boots, Uggs, heeled leather and suede boots etc. It's going to get colder so pick items that keep you warm yet stylish. The rest is easy.

8. Any Summer outfits, just select and fold neatly and flat pack to protect and keep fresh and clean. Pop into the loft or under the bed in containers...boom. You're ready for the new season and your Summer wardrobe is ready for the next. Once you have done this, it makes it so much quicker and simpler when you swap next time round. And if you go on a holiday somewhere warm in our colder months, you'll have the perfect template in place to find what you need to pack without messing up your current 'live' wardrobe!

9. I find it best and most practical to put under tops and t-shirts in one drawer, next drawer is sweaters, bigger bulky tops in the next drawer, then any other trousers that don't need hanging up (I have an obscene amount of tracksuit bottoms so they have a drawer all to themselves!) into the bottom drawer. Keep knickers in one drawer, socks separately then hang your bras up or cup them into each other to keep shape. I like to pop fresh lavender wrapped up into my drawers to keep everything smelling fresh and clean and the moths away! Rose petals are also a nice alternative but remember to change frequently to avoid a stale smell. I change mine around every 4 weeks.

10. Any dresses, coats, shirts or smart trousers hang up neatly on wooden or felt hangers and colour coordinate on the rail or in the wardrobe. You can do this just by shade or if you prefer arrange all trousers, all shirts, all skirts, all coats so they are all together. It just depends on how fussy you want to be, but choose a system that works best for you. You should be able to look at your clothes with excitement and then have a fun, easy, stress free time picking what to wear. If it's all in a nice order you can work with, know where things are, you'll have a better, more enjoyable and let's face it, quicker time dressing for work and play!

11. Lay out boots, shoes and heels in an orderly fashion paired together. Shoes I wear all the time I usually have at the side of the front door on a rack. However if it's shoes you maybe only wear once a month, for example your 'take me home' Jimmy Choos, pop into a shoe box to protect and neatly store away. Pop some fresh mint leaves or another herby smell you like into a cotton pouch and place into the box or bag you've stored the shoes away in. This will keep them smelling lovely and fresh for the next event you wear them!

12. And you are done! See that wasn't so painful was it? Finish tea, relax!!!

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