Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Vibrant Reds to Turn Heads

Hello ladies. I hope you have been taking advantage of this lovely weather! Although whilst out and about at the History Festival (oh yes, get me being all cultural!) this Saturday I got soaked! Total down pour! At least I had my trusted authentic parka on! Donning the 'just see through' black over sized vest with neon pink mesh bra with my luxe sports wear trousers was a simple but effective festival look for a wet field! Talking of wet fields, did any of you go to Glastonbury? What I would have done to see Dolly live! Utter legend!

So what can we expect to be seeing on the high street in the next few sunny months? Not to everyone's taste but bright oranges and reds are in full swing this Summer. Perfect if you have a lovely olive tan or are as pale as the moon! Just don't do this.....


(Much better! Two different people!)

Yup, wanted to go a bit lighter on the hair front for the holidays but my golly did it go wrong! You must give me credit for even posting this as it looked awful! I quickly had it fixed don't worry, back to a soft brown now! This is how to not do orange!

Ok so bring out the oranges and reds!These pics are a great way to see different shades on different colourings and shapes. Which one is your favourite?

( Pics from Marie Claire) 

Pair these vibrant colours with superbly cut separates for a real on trend look. T-shirts or silk embroidered jackets with sporty tracky bums or ripped at the front jeans will see you looking hot on the street. Add your trusted short shorts and heels or wedges for a must see night out! It's all about treating bright eccentric shades as if they were a pastey neutral beige. If the top designers can do it, why can't you? As you've heard me say before, be bold, be beautiful, bounce out of the house with electric energy and confidence. If people look at you, 99.9% of the time they're thnking, 'God, she's obviously a confident woman! Wish I could wear that!' and NOT a negative. If we appear confident in what we wear, we look better, hold ourselves better, higher. Don't take this as being arrogant. There is a huge difference. Remember the only people who think you are arrogant because of your confidence and the way you express yoursleves with your clothes are the ones that are either jeallous they can't do the same or in awe of you.

'You weren't born to hide away in th shadows, to be a wallflower, to blend in, to go unnoticed. You weren't born to march to someone else's beat. And you defintiely weren't born to make up the numbers.'

I am simply loving the revival of the kimono right now. Perfect for over a bikini and shorts or team with a jumpsuit or jeans for a down time look. Just like a 1920's pyjama 'chaise longue' sort of look; cigarette 'A la Vogue' in one hand and a glass of Moet in the other, this delectable look is both sweet and sexy. Great for the beachy holiday evenings or tarting up for a night out. 

What else is looking hot to trott? Why not invest in some fun and funky ripped jeans? You can go as ripped and devilish as you want here, show as much of the leg as you dare! To save the pennies, as this look might not last until the end of the Summer, get the scissors out on an old pair- even some over sized ones your boyf' or bro' has stashed at the back of his closet? 

(Jeans by Mango) 

And it's all about the clash of the patterns, checks, stripes, whatever you fancy really. Pair tropical prints- so now, with flowers, stripes with tartan, check on check, all in different textures and colours. It seems a bit mix-miss-match but you'll be the talk of the town if you brave this utlra cool and chic look this Summer! 

And for the office- its all about Alexa right now- tailored pants, striped collared shirts (colar up like my Ma ever since I can rememnber!) and fine crafted blazers. For this look keep the colours classic yet sohisicated- whites, creams, navy or black. Pop on some deep red lippy for after work hour Pimms! 

Don't foget to live the tangerine and firey sunset reds for the next couple of months! Bold, brilliant and beautifully breath taking! Here are just a few gorgeous frocks form our collection!

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Until next time Swishers,

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